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Administrative Professional

Harrisonburg, VA, USA

About the Role

Marketplace Insurance Agency & ElderCare Associates, Inc. is seeking the right Administrative Assistant in Harrisonburg, VA. We will train people who have the right attitudes to serve our clients with only the highest standards.

We are looking for a candidate who is friendly, organized, and very professional.

We do well by doing what is right. We provide clear and transparent solutions, so our clients understand their Medicare, life, health & annuity insurance policy options without confusion.
With us, our clients know exactly how a company’s plans or services fit into their lifestyle. Providing a personalized, extensive analysis of each client’s portfolio is paramount. We are a growth and performance-oriented organization where individual performance counts, but so does team performance.

Fit is critical, (you to us and us to you). Before applying, please make yourself familiar with us.
Read about our approach here:

Why Read All of This?

Our people are different because our commitment is different.

We apologize in advance for the length of this job profile. This should illustrate our determination to find people for whom Marketplace Agency will be the ideal place to work. We take the time to help you to understand what this means.


Administrative Professional

If the following descriptions sound like you, we should talk. If this does not sound like you, we might be a poor fit for you.

People-Oriented Advocator

· Maintaining a positive and constructive view of working with others.

· Spending a high percentage of time listening to, understanding, and successfully working with a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds to achieve "win-win" outcomes.

· Showing constant determination in attaining the desired results for our clients.

· Builds relationships by treating customer and co-workers with respect, kindness, and courtesy.

· Persuasively advocates for our clients, inspiring a culture of considerate collaboration.

· Consistently demonstrates cooperation with others by having reliable work habits.

Analytical, Inquisitive, Curious

Detail-Oriented & Ultra-Organized

The job's success depends on systems and procedures; its successful performance is tied to careful organization of activities, tasks, and projects that require accuracy. Record-keeping, timeliness, and planning are essential components of the job.

If you demonstrate these talents, then Marketplace Agency might be a good place for you.

Client Focus

Anticipating, meeting and/or exceeding customer needs, wants and expectations at the time of the initial engagement but also in the following days, months, and years when the client has needs.

• Strives to anticipate, identify, and understand customers' wants, needs, and concerns.

• Responds to customers with a sense of urgency.

• Follows through on customer requests with enthusiasm and care.

• Patient with others, and always exceptionally courteous.

• Develops long-term relationships with customers.

• Acts as an advocate for customers' needs.

Personal Accountability

Being answerable for personal actions.

• Takes responsibility for our actions.

• Recognizes when one has made a mistake.

• Accepts personal responsibility for outcomes.

• Accepts and utilizes feedback constructively.

• Observes and analyzes data to learn from mistakes.

Appreciating Others

Identifying with and caring about others.

• Demonstrates genuine concern for others.

• Respects and values people.

• Wants to ensure people experience positive emotions.

• Expends considerable effort to impact the needs, concerns, and feelings of others.

• Advocates for the interests, needs, and wants of others.

• Displays kindness and concern for others.


Cooperating with others to meet objectives.

• Respects team members and their individual perspectives.

• Makes team objectives a priority.

• Works toward consensus when team decisions are required.

• Meets agreed-upon deadlines on team assignments and commitments.

• Shares responsibility with team members for successes and failures.

• Recognizes and appreciates the contributions of team members.

• Behaves in a manner consistent with team values and our mission.

• Provides constructive feedback to team members.

• Responds positively to feedback from team members.

Problem Solving

Defining, analyzing, and diagnosing key components of a problem to formulate a solution.

• Anticipates, identifies, and resolves problems or obstacles.

• Utilizes logical processes to analyze and solve problems.

• Evaluates the potential impact of possible solutions.

• Understands and defines the problem before jumping to a solution.


Effectively and tactfully handling difficult or sensitive issues.

• Effectively utilizes tact and diplomacy in working with clients and team members.

• Adapts conduct and communications to "politically correct" standards.

• Expresses the context of a situation in a non-confrontational or positive manner.

Continuous Learning

Taking initiative to regularly learn new concepts, technologies and/or methods.

• Demonstrates curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

• Takes initiative in acquiring and mastering the skills and knowledge requirements of a position.

• Keeps abreast of current or new information through various learning methods.

• Actively interested in new technologies, processes, and methods.

• Identifies opportunities to gain knowledge.

• May be considered a knowledgeable resource by others.

Primary Responsibilities

• Client Care. Day-to-Day communication, taking incoming calls and making necessary outbound calls for scheduling or retrieving requested information. Meeting the individual and unique need of each client by listening intently to determine their needs or requests and routing to the appropriate staff member.

• Providing warm and friendly reception in our lobby as clients come and go throughout the day.

• Maintain contact with the client throughout the year with scheduled communication duties.

• Ensuring clients are enrolled appropriately into their plan selection using our online applications.

• Carefully uploading and entering data and files to the client’s record and appropriately archiving hard-copies of documents.

• Adherence to all regulations & guidelines associated with Medicare, partner, and company policies and procedures.



• Experienced and seasoned admins are more than welcome if they feel comfortable with the Attitudes and Focus we mentioned previously.

• Experience working with a long-term client-base, in the financial services, human resources or benefits administration & insurance industries is beneficial.


• Certifications in any related field are an asset. High school diploma required, Bachelor’s preferred. Relevant experience is expected.


• Must be extremely proficient with Microsoft Office, and database computing.

Work hours and Expectations:

• 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

• During the Annual Medicare Enrollment Period, we may require extensive Over-Time from our entire team. This period runs from October 1st - December 7th.


• Must be willing to authorize and able to pass a thorough criminal record, background and history check.

• Must not be banned from participation in federal programs as documented by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) List of Excluded Individuals & Entities (LEIE).


• Compensation will be commensurate with experience.

• We will train those who are a good fit, with a 3-year expectation to reach maximum potential.

• In future years, as experience and capabilities grow, income will include an hourly income with added commissions and bonuses.

• We offer an employee funded health benefits program.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please go to our website and apply

Or, you may submit a resume in person at 1502 Brookhaven Dr., Harrisonburg, VA 22801

We are an equal opportunity employer.

About Our Company

We offer homegrown service, expanding to meet the insurance needs of our clients in many states.

The Marketplace Insurance Agency is a nationwide insurance brokerage, founded as ElderCare Associates in 1979 in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Our headquarters is nestled in our hometown of Harrisonburg, VA. We have professional licensed insurance agents available in 17 states. 

In addition, we have partners nationwide and assist people in finding solutions in all 50 states.

We make sure everything we do reveals our true commitment to our clients and to delivering the highest quality service in the industry. We work diligently with our clients, their families, businesses large & small, and communities to serve your needs individually and responsibly.

We help with solutions for your unique needs. We believe that we thrive in the insurance industry because we are passionate about helping clients get the right coverage. With almost four decades of successful service, we’ve earned a deep knowledge of the insurance industry that we pass on to our clients. Our agents spend time talking about your plan with you, answering questions and reviewing options. With the online marketplace we have the capacity to share our expertise nationwide. We have worked hard and invested tremendously to enhance our technology so our agents are available for our clients day & night, 7 days a week. 

From our beginnings as a small downtown office in the Friendly City of Harrisonburg, Virginia over forty years ago, we bring solutions for every life that we touch and do the right thing to protect the people we care for.

"The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) Philosopher, Poet, Author, Essayist

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