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Taking over the burden & providing more options.

Give your retirees the benefits they have earned! By working with us as your dedicated HR Partner your company will be able to offer all the major plans on the marketplace - each tailored to your individual retiree's needs. This saves you time and money. Eliminate the waste of administering your retiree benefits by partnering with us today! It's easy to get started and the best part is our services are FREE for your organization!

Focus on your workforce while we take care of your Retiree's Benefits.

Our focus is on personalized service for every client. 

We are currently offering no charge and on-site Medicare Workshops for upcoming retirees and current employees.  
As you know, there is a lot of confusion about Medicare enrollment periods, penalties, retiree plans, and coverage options. Our team will be able to eliminate the confusion and answer questions allowing attendees to make informative decisions.  
We currently work with partners from all sectors including  universities, colleges, physician groups, health systems,  businesses, non-profs, municipalities, and countless other organizations.  
Please feel free to connect with us now to discuss how we may be able to help your organization! 

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